Wired Magazine demo @ SXSW & the design of tablet texts

Kyle, Is the “Design Fidelity Spectrum” related to Craig Mod‘s definite/formless content?

Agreed on the missing social aspect: 

How about a Twitter Augmented Reality sidebar showing who is nearby and reading the same article as you. Of course the notes, highlights, comments would need to be streamed to this type of interface – somehow.


On Mar 18, 2010, at 1:35 PM, Kyle Dickson wrote:

Earlier in the presentation (before the video starts), they talked about a the Design Fidelity Spectrum where web publishers kicked out unpaginated content that reflows simply in a number of screen sizes on the one hand (Bew York Times and The Economist on this end). On the other end of the spectrum where publications where the design of the articles was more connected to the content itself and couldnt simply be reflowed (WIRED and Vogue were examples). The observation was how this continuum also lined up along publishing frequency: WIRED can afford not to depend heavily on templates as a monthly in ways that daily and weekly pubs can’t.

There really was lots to talk about from the first half hour. Hopefully it will make it online soon.


On Mar 18, 2010, at 1:24 PM, “Mike Wiggins (gm)” <mmw03b@acu.edu> wrote:

I mentioned this to Kyle already but what amazes me about Wired’s demo is the remarkable amount of design required. Based on the demo it looks as if every “page” of content will have a vertical design and a horizontal design. Some pages even having unique artwork in the different orientations. And some of those pages will have unique interactive elements.

That’s an amazing amount of design work for one issue… likely much more than the print edition. But… design is cheap compared to paper, printing and shipping. My hope is they are setting the bar very high for paid digital content. Just rearranging the free web content isn’t going to cut it.

The missing piece in my mind is the social aspect of Adobe Air. Tweeting, Emailing and Facebooking isn’t exactly exciting stuff. Sharing personal notes, highlights, comments, ect within a web of friends and contacts seems like required stuff. I would think Adobe is working on it but as for now it seems like they are ignoring it.

Anyone else have thoughts on these issues?


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