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Mobilizy is very proud to announce the launch of <a href="” title=” (6135 hits)” target=”_blank”>, a community of mobile augmented reality users and shapers, empowered with a powerful tool to embed unique points of interest (POI) and location-specific, hyperlinked media content which can be viewed on the <a href="” title=”(5634 hits)”>WIKITUDE World Browser. 

<a href="” title=”(6135 hits)”>


With <a href="” title=”(6135 hits)”> we are all helping to shape the world as a platform by bringing geo-information, POIs and embedded media to the world around us.

“Geo-tag your world” You can add your own content, fast & easy and geo-tag the world with the WIKITUDE and display it in an augmented experience on mobile phones using the WIKITUDE World Browser. Also, you can register XML data and larger, more dynamic content sources by contacting Mobilizy directly.

Geo-tag the world with

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  1. Daniel – July 31, 2009

    Great idea!
    But how will the crowdsourced data be licensed? If it’s just available under a proprietary license I might as well add my POIs to OpenStreetMap and hope for an open AR-solution.
    If you plan to license the data more liberally, you might want to cooperate with OpenStreetMap. They already have lots of POIs on there maps and both parties could greatly profit from a collaboration.


  2. MAMK – August 3, 2009

    WIKITUDE and Mobeedo teamed up to create in order to provide a free, easy-to-use, open, mobile information platform for anybody who wants to access or provide location based and situation-specific information or services via mobile phones.

    Basically, can be understood as a platform which anybody can contribute to freely, very similar to the philosophy of Wikipedia, but for mobile augmented reality. With regards to intellectual property, will be implemented under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License.

  3. Daniel – August 4, 2009

    Thank you very much! This is great news!

  4. Mykro – August 13, 2009

    I’ve added both InfoAreas and InfoPOIs, but they are not showing up in Wikitude on Android… what am I missing?

  5. motzel – August 19, 2009

    Just like Mykro. I’ve added some POIs in my area and they are not visible in my phone although they are visible in

  6. Nagi Nasser – August 31, 2009

    I sure wish I can get this on my Palm Pre. Is there any plans to make it available on this platform?

  7. Mitar – September 2, 2009

    Still, why not connect with other open geodata communities?

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