The Virtual Public Art Project’s first exhibition includes a 30ft. tall virtual sculpture in Prospect Park, NYC. This is a quick introduction of the viewing of the sculpture.

The Sculpture

Growth is a virtual public sculpture composed of a multitude of fractal polygons that coalesce into an asymmetrical three-dimensional form. The virtual public sculpture originated as a physical form created by the artist by hand and was scanned into the digital world.


The Virtual Public Art Project is an Augmented Reality platform for the public display of digital works of art. VPAP is the first mobile AR outdoor art experience ever, and maximizes public reception of AR art through compatibility with both iPhone 3GS and Android phones!
Unlike current AR smart phone utilities that enable users to view a location with an additional layer of information about that location i.e. information about a restaurant, VPAP creates site-specific sculptures at a location that invite viewers in for close observation from all sides and from multiple perspectives.

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