mobile learning – what a great idea

you may have already heard this, but mobile learning is a great idea for colleges.


College to give all full-time students an Apple iPad

March 30, 3:58 PMSF Gadgets ExaminerAdam Mills

Seton Hill University will be giving all full-time students an iPad this fall.
Seton Hill University will be giving all full-time students an iPad this fall.
Seton Hill.

Ah, the joys of college. Staying out late without any sort of parental supervision, learning how to live with roommates that aren’t your little brother, figuring out how to properly procrastinate work until the last minute, spending a fortune on textbooks and beer.

And now, getting a free Apple iPad.

At least this isn’t a college requiring students to purchase an iPhone or an iPod Touch. That was just utterly ridiculous.

Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania, not to be confused with Seton Hall University in New Jersey, will be giving all full-time students an Apple iPad in the fall of 2010. Man, I bet a lot of you wish you were back in college, huh? Alas, you had to settle for that pre-order. Or better yet, a knife fight with a Best Buy customer over the last iPad at the store on 13th and Harrison.

Hopefully, the iPad performs better than the Amazon Kindle in the classroom and really since the iPad’s functionality is ten times that of the Kindle, it makes sense that it will. Here is what Seton Hill has told students and the world:

The iPad initiative kicks off the University’s Griffin Technology Advantage Program. This new program provides students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools, ensuring that Seton Hill students will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they choose – even those that have not yet been created.

It sucks to be a senior at Seton Hill right now, doesn’t it?

Prediction: it’s only a matter of time before schools follow suit, although it’d be surprising if SFSU, USF or UCSF did something like this.

What say you education critics and future iPad owners of San Francisco? Is this a good policy? Or is it a distraction? Would it make sense for this to be done in California schools? At least it kind of makes sense out of that survey that said the number one use for an iPad would be work.

Although, college kids will be college kids, right?

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